12 sinister railway stations that you should better stay away from !

Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station, Delhi

Did you suppose train stations are boring places the place you impatiently wait for your train? Places where the whole lot is dull and dreary, and nothing fascinating ever happens?Think again.Here is a listing of 12 sinister railway stations that you ought to higher continue to be away from, except you are outrageously adventurous. Because they are haunted!


  • Bishan MRT Station, Singapore
    Bishan MRT Station, Singapore This Railway station infamously has witnessed numerous incidents that can send shivers down the spine. Being located close to a centenary, coffin bearers, headless figures, phantom passengers all have been spotted, in or around the station . Perhaps most heart-pounding of all, people have heard footsteps on the roof of moving trains.


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