75 Years Old Woman Diver Haenyeo !


On the South Korean island of Jeju live uncommon woman.

haenyeo-korean-diver-for-oystersThey earn their residing by diving into the ocean for oysters, squid, and other marine life. Diver or Haenyeo countless instances a day dive to a depth of 30 meters and maintain their breath for two minutes. But the youngest of them – 75years!The way of life of deep-sea diving in South Korea dates lower back to the V century. Initially drivers for oysters and sea urchins had been men, however in the XVIII century, female have come to dominate the profession. They are referred to as Haenyeo. Diver live on Jeju Island.

haenyoWith a conventional diving swimsuit and mask, they are immersed to a depth of 20-30 meters and can keep their breath up to two minutes. Such a lengthy continue to be underneath the water is viable due to the different respiration technique: surfacing, ladies publish a distinct whistling sound that unites mild to the subsequent pogruzheniyu.Imeya ordinary diving suit and mask, they are immersed to a depth of 20-30 meters and can maintain their breath up to two minutes. Such a long continue to be beneath the water is feasible due to the exclusive breathing technique: surfacing, girls put up an extraordinary whistling sound that units mild to the subsequent dive.


Today Haenyeo expensive woman, however, a decade in the past the corporation used to be searching down on them: confined vocabulary, communication solely in a slim range, the lack of education. Previously, the woman is not perfect to work in this way, and nevertheless half-naked dive. Many of cutting-edge Haenyeo extra than 80 years! Looking at their gaunt faces extreme it turns into clear that it is the difficult and assured diver.
Diver says they – remaining Haenyeo. Their practicable successor chooses to leave the island and cross to the mainland in search of a better fate. And with the demise of the final of Haenyeo,historical craft disappeared. In the meantime, each and everyday driver deftly leap from the rocks and go into the sea in search of marine life.

In neighboring Japan, stay representatives of this profession. That’s simply they are no longer looking for oysters and pearls.

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