About Deep Dean’s Blue Hole in Bahamas, Long Island

Coordinates: 23.1063 N -75.0087 W

Address: North America, Caribbean, Bahamas, Long Island, in the bight at the northern bank of island 4.5 km west from Clarence Town

Alternate names: Deans Blue Hole
Depth: 202 – 203 m


There exists a vast time period “blue hole” describing any deep, water filled, vertical caves. The deepest regarded blue gap in the sea is the 202 – 203 m deep Dean’s Blue Hole in Bahamas, Long Island.The deepest seawater blue hole in the worldDean’s Blue Hole is named after the household identity of nearby landowners. It is positioned in a small bay, divided from the open sea with a small peninsula.At the very tip of this small bay in the depth of 6 m starts off evolved entrance into this vertical cave. Entrance is 25 x 30 metres wide. Here starts the sinkhole – it is partitioned are no longer just vertical however overhanging. There can be located a constant “sand fall” – small rivulets of sand are streaming down into the hole.Further down the blue hole turns into larger and larger, until the diameter reaches approximately one hundred m.blueholebay-closeup1

It is one of the greatest acknowledged underwater cave rooms in the world.Sea water here is lucid and surprisingly calm – thus the visibility reaches up to 15 – 30 m depth.Bottom of the cave is a substitute even. Walls though are not even, there are viewed several unexplored side passages. Exploration of these passages is very complicated due to the magnificent depth.During the tides sizable volume of water is discharging thru the mouth of the cave – the it the skill that at least some of these cave connections are deep and related to the sea.Here live younger tarpoons (large sea fish), occasional fish of other species and turtles can be met.Dean’s Blue Hole on occasion erroneously is  as the deepest water-filled sinkhole in the world. Several waters stuffed sinkholes though are deeper. For example, Pozzo Merro in Italy is 392 m deep and the giant El Zacatón sinkhole in Mexico is 339 m deep.Blue holesThere is some huddle involving the phrases “sinkhole” and “blue hole”.deans-blue-hole-worlds-deepest

Some say that blue holes are no longer exactly sinkholes but rather vertical caves. The fact is that sinkholes ARE a form of vertical caves – sinkholes are holes or natural depressions caused by way of karst processes.”Blue hole” is a term utilized to some of these sinkholes which are stuffed with water – irrespective of their mechanism of formation. It looks that the decisive aspect in the use of this time period is the beautiful deep blue shade of water in these formations.This colour is created the through the high transparency of water and bright white carbonate sand. Blue light is the most enduring phase of the spectrum: where other parts of the spectrum – red, yellow and eventually the green – are absorbed during their path thru the water, blue light manages to reach the white sand and return returned after the refraction.The Bahamas were the first the place this term has been applied to numerous lovely sinkholes stuffed with the sea water. Blue holes here (as somewhere else in the world) fashioned in times when the sea stage was once lower than now.deans-blue-hole

Sometimes these holes were fashioned through deeper groundwater progressively dissolving the limestone until the ceiling of these voids collapsed. Sometimes although they were fashioned via the rainwater seeping into limestone through a crevice and regularly making it wider.Later the sea stage rised and these vertical holes have been crammed with lucid, calm water.Most possibly Dean’s Blue Hole fashioned in a comparable way some 15,000 years ago, though it is now not clear why this sinkhole is that deep – sea level in Bahamas returned then was once a bit extra than one hundred metres belov the present sea level.World record siteHere, in this beautiful geological formation are assembly the might and splendor of nature and hardiness of people.Full depth of this sinkhole was first reached by way of Jim King in 1992.Over the closing few years this sinkhole though has end up a scene of world-class free-diving. Since 2007 right here is mounted a freediving school “Vertical Blue” (operates from November to May), which organises also yearly world competition in April.dean-s-blue-hole-bahama1

This deep sinkhole is perfect for such sports activities – it is located right subsequent to the bank, in calm water.Cave has viewed many first-rate world records in various disciplines of free-diving through the high-quality freedivers of the world, including Natalia Molchanova, Herbert Nitsch, William Trubridge.One such discipline, for example, is – Constant Weight Apnea Without Fins (diving perchance deep and returning in one breath except any appliances and without protecting at the rope). How deep one can go in such way? 10 metres? 15 metres? No – in December 13, 2010 William Trubridge dived 100 metres deep (and then one hundred metres back) in such a way, it took four minutes 10 seconds.Try at least to run 100 metres forth and one hundred metres again besides respiratory –

Even that is a serious challenge!

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