About Toffee Apple Tsunami

On January 15, 1919, human beings in Boston had a very hard day. A 90-foot tanker that had 2 and half of million gallons of crude molasses exploded on the streets of Boston.

The tanker used to be at round 50 toes above road level. So, when it exploded, it sent all of it down to the streets below. It created a big, sticky molasses wall that was 15 toes high and traveled at 35 mph.

It destroyed endless structures and even ripped away foundations. 21 humans were killed and over one hundred fifty have been injured. When the injured bought to hospitals, the body of workers thought they regarded like toffee apples, and the title stuck. The cleanup took months to do. For several decades after, human beings claimed to still odor molasses.

That is the story of the Toffee Apple Tsunami.

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