About Ugadi Indian Festival

Ugadi (Ugādi, Samvatsarādi, Yugadi) is the New Year’s Day because of the Hindus regarding Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana regime into India. It is festively rendered among this regions concerning the preceding period of the Hindu lunisolar calendar month regarding Chaitra. This normally fall into March then April regarding the Gregorian calendar.The season is celebrated through drawing colourful patterns on flooring referred to as kolamulus, mango document decoration over doorways called toranalu, shopping for or award gifts certain as new clothes, gift charity according to the poor, one-of-a-kind tub accompanied via lubricant treatment, making ready then distribution a specific meals referred to as pachadi, yet traveling Hindu temples.The same day is rendered namely a New Year by means of Hindus among many ignoble parts over India. For example, such is known as Gudi Padwa among Maharashtra.The Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Kodava, Tulu then the Konkani diaspora among Telangana state, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Kerala celebrate the competition together with huge fanfare; gatherings over the prolonged household or a luxurious period are ‘de rigueur’. The day starts including beginning showers, drawing the physique including perfumed oil, observed through prayers.Preparations because of the competition begin a hebdomad ahead. Houses are given a thoroughgoing wash. People buy latter garments yet Dhoti or purchase recent objects because the festival, beautify the access regarding theirs houses together with clean mango leaves.

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The magnitude concerning tying mango leaves relates in conformity with a legend. It is stated up to expectation Karthik (or Subramanya and Kumara Swamy) and Ganesha, the twins sons about Lord Siva yet Parvathi were absolutely addicted concerning mangoes. As the audition goes Karthik exhorted humans in imitation of tie inexperienced mango leaves in conformity with the portal signifying a proper corn yet overall well-being.

It is observable so we utilizes mango leaves yet coconuts (as of a Kalasam, in imitation of initiate somebody pooja) solely concerning fortunate activities in imitation of propitiate gods. People also splash sparkling garget dung lotos regarding the ground among face concerning their residence then compose colourful floral designs.People provide admiration between temples. The occasion regarding Ugadi is marked by means of non secular zeal and communal merriment. Special dishes are organized for the occasion. In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, eatables such namely “pulihora, bobbatlu (Bhakshalu/ polelu/ oligalu), New Year Burelu or Pachadi” yet preparations instituted together with uncooked mango go nicely with the occasion. In Karnataka too, similar preparations are made but known as “puliogure” and “holige”.




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