Breathing spine Breathing spine: A Straightforward Activity for the Health of the back

Breath of the spinal section – it’s an awesome activity that should be possible both sitting and standing. It is coordinated to the spine and back muscles unwinding and actuation of sacral and cranial pumps, thyroid and adrenal organs.

Spine – is the fundamental bridge control channel. The spine is casual, the simpler and free vitality coursing through it. This is a genuinely lively workout.

1.Breathe and relax.

2.  Inhale and bend the lower part of the sacrum back from the crotch. At the same time tilt the head back to the shoulders so that you’re looking up. This forms an arc in the middle of the back

3.Be stunned by the stomach and chest forward to expand the chest, and activate the thyroid and adrenal glands.

4.  Squeeze his hands into fists, raise your fists to shoulder height, while bending your elbows. Stretch the elbows and shoulders back as if you are trying to bring the shoulder blades together.

5.  Press the neck, shoulders, to activate the Cranial Pump, and bite the bullet.

6.Breathe out and arch your lower part of the sacrum and the head forward, while rounding your back.

7.  Bring the elbows, forearms and fists forward and bring them together in front of chest. Try to compress the chest, and then to press the chin to the top of the chest. Do not strain your muscles, just relax.

8.  Take at least 9 reps per exercise. If you do this exercise standing up, then put his feet shoulder width apart, feet forward while deployed.

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