By using Sunflower oil you can apply 3d facial mask

Face masks with sunflower oil can be attributed to three-D mask, they melt, moisturize, protect from outside affect our pores and skin.
every residence has a vegetable oil or, as it is known as, lean. through the manner.

Such mask is exceptional used for dry and growing old pores and skin. The oil must be taken no longer delicate, barely warmed in the microwave or on the steam bathtub. maintain the masks 15 – 20 mins.


For dry pores and skin:

1) Take identical elements, at your discretion, sunflower oil and cottage cheese. blend placed on the face for 15 – 20 minutes.

2) Oatmeal milled to flour popularity in a coffee grinder. take in equal parts with sunflower oil, mix well, we placed on the face. After 15 -20minut wash off with lukewarm water and causes any nutritious cream.

3) you could simply use a barely warmed vegetable oil soaked gauze them. In this situation, even can take the precipitate, because of it massive quantities of nutrients, especially nutrition E – nutrition youth. The gauze placed on a face for 15 minutes – 20, until cool. remains mask blot with a paper towel.

For older skin:

Take the four quail eggs, separate the yolks, rub the eating room with half tablespoons of sunflower oil. add half tablespoon of clean lemon and 1 teaspoon of honey Loka. All thoroughly mixed and a fifteen – 20 min put on the face.

a little creativeness and your face will shine health, beauty.

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