Did You Realize That There’s A Ganesha On Indonesian Cash? Here’s The reason

Indonesia is a nation where 87.5% of the populace are Muslims and 3% are Hindus, yet you’ll discover a lot of Hindu themes wherever you look. To such an extent that, when L.K Advani went by Jakarta in July 2010 to go to the World Sindhi Gathering, he was left awestruck by the solid regard the Muslim larger part has for Hindus and their mores and the other way around.

Among different case of across the board Hindu impact in Indonesia, is the 20,000 rupiah note with an engraving of Master Ganesha close by a photo of Ki Hajar Dewantara in the front. The rear of the note has a photo of a classroom with kids concentrating on.


It is trusted that the Indonesian archipelago was under Hindu impact as far back as the principal century and the way of life has conveyed forward to contemporary times with local devotees of Hindu divinities and practices.

While Ruler Ganesha is broadly viewed as the Divine force of expressions, sciences and scholarly shrewdness, Ki Hajar Dewantara was an outstanding Indonesian freedom dissident and a pioneer of instruction for local Indonesians when the nation was under Dutch impact. The photo of the classroom at the back backings the topic of the note, that of training.

There are a lot of Hindu themes present all through the nation, the Ramayana and Mahabharata stories are broadly common among the locals, there is a Krishna-Arjuna statue at Jakarta square, the Indonesian military has Hanuman as their mascot and the Bali tourism logo is propelled from Hindu mythology and its imagery. Bandung Foundation of Innovation, a regarded chief instructive organization has Ganesha as its logo.

There is another hypothesis to this, as indicated by a Quora client, that Dr. Subramanian Swamy once got some information about the picture of Ganesha on their cash note. The clergyman clarified that in 1997, the money of a few Asian nations was getting cheapened. After all endeavors to check the degrading fizzled, some person proposed that they have a picture of Ganesha, bearer of favorable luck on the note. Fortunately, it worked and the superstition has stuck from that point forward. From that point forward, the picture has kept focused cash note and locals have acknowledged it.

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