Elliðaey Island is having only one house

On the off chance that there ever is an extreme occasion getaway area, it must be the island of Elliðaey close Vestmannaeyjar, a little archipelago off the south bank of Iceland, and the captivating little house on it.Elliðaey is the third biggest island in Iceland having a range of 0.45 square km in region. It is accepted to have shaped in an emission around 5-6 thousand years. The island is open by means of a rope on its lower east side and by a watercraft from the terrain. There are a couple of forlorn steers to stay with you on the island and a great many ocean flying creatures that utilization it for a settling site.

The island is a noteworthy veiðihús possessed Ellidagrim Society Islands, which takes part in lundaveiði eggjatöku in summer and in spring. In the days of yore was called veiðihúsið “night”. The initially bed that was based on the island still stands. It is utilized for capacity, and is west of the “imaginative”. In 1953 another night was raised at the foot Hábarðs the old house did not breeze through the trial of time. 1985, work started on building another veiðihús on two stories which was fundamental with the house that was fabricated 1953 . was finished with the development of 1987. 1994 uncovered that bed from 1953 had turned out to be sick take it that it was impractical to utilize it any longer. ’cause it was pulled down and constructed another house rather than in the same area, the building was finished in 1996. On period 2000-2001 was fabricated a little house west of the bed that houses a sauna Ellidagrim Society Islands.


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