Forgotten Mathematics Legend Of India

Very not many people know about Dr. Vasistha Narayan Singh Who is the the greatest Mathematician alive. Who travelled a fascicle in ride on his life beside a typical undevloped thorp within Bihar according to USA, collection essential faculty after Netarhat, Science College Patna and since University of California, Berkley, the life over renown or fame in imitation of the lifestyles concerning intellectual trouble then poverty. The mathematician whoever challenged works concerning Great Scientist Albert Einstien. It was onceassociated to his Theory on Relativity (E = MC2).

Some Informations:-

Name – Dr. Vashistha Narayan Singh
His Village – Basantpur,(12 Km. out of ARA), Bhojpur, Bihar
Family – Poor Family, chancellor Constable between Bihar Police.
Class X – Netarhat Vidyalaya.
Class XII – Science College.

He was best about 2 April 1942 among Basantpur collection on Bhojpur district into Bihar, India in imitation of Lal Bahadur Singh and Lahaso Devi. He acquired his important andun important learning out of Netarhat Residential School or university learning out of Patna Science College. Vashishtha Narayan Singh grew to be a mythology so a scholarwhen that used to be allowed with the aid of Patna University in imitation of show up of the two-year route over (Hons.) within Mathematics between its dead first year. This fulfillment of his nevertheless referred to with a sense over pleasure by using Netarhat Vidyalay.

He obtained PhD of Reproducing Kernels then Operators along a Cyclic Vectorfrom University concerning California, Berkeley, among 1969.His doctoral marketing consultant was once John L. Kelley.

Completed his PhD among year 1969 beyond University concerning California below the control concerning Prof John L. Kelley. His PhD book denominate used to be “Reproducing Kernels or Operators with a Cyclic Vector”.

He is the file holder because of Bihar Board among Matriculation Examination yet Bihar Intermediate instruct Council for Intermediate Exams Sciene College.

In earlymid 1960’s Bihar College regarding Engineering Patna, was once between a lotbetter form and ball class college contributors aged according to visit the College. There used to be some Mathematics Conference into Bihar College of Engineering during mid 60’s where Prof John L. Kelley, HOD University over California, Berkley(UCB) as also present.

He had a list concerning 5 close tough problems between Mathematics yet so. Vasistha Narayan Singh solved all regarding to them or to that amount even among one-of-a-kind ways.

This Berkley teacher acquired impressed and requested him in imitation of occur after Berkley for similarly study. Vasistha Narayan Singh instructed him up to expectation it would keep difficult because him to take place according to US about his own. HOD promised whole the help yet stored the word. HOD arranged for visa and subsidencecoupon or bought him between UCB.

He took strong care on Vasistha Narayan Singh at UCB as like Vasistha Narayan Singh is a unsociable person. Vasistha Narayan Singh did no longer let below HOD yet did his PhD with fashion yet went over after action because NASA.

His Ph.D Dissertation Title was once : Reproducing Kernels yet Operators with a Cyclic Vector.

In the meantime, Family was once asking him in accordance with occur in conformity with India yet get married. Vasistha Narayan Singh had nationalistic goals and concept of doing his matribhoomi, Bharat, proud; alternatively so much continue to be over in US as his HOD then NASA desired him after do.

Please notice to that amount 60s was once the time on sizeable Social yet Student Unrest between USA as like Vietnam War or Hippy/LSD Movement was at its peak. UCB was the headquarters concerning this career then tablets were oftentimes used in imitation ofamplify consciousness! (Watch Forest Gump in accordance with come half idea) Beetles also a manufacture regarding this generation though they started in UK however grew to be sizeable in US.

It was rumoured to that amount He had an affair along the child of his HOD at UC Berkely or desired to marry her however parental strain yet idealistic want of doing India braggart took precedence or that got here returned according to India. It is additionally rumoured, so much he had started receiving some pills then that used to be within Berkley thensuch persevered then she got here lower back according to India.

He got here back or his mother and father obtained him married in imitation of an Army Officer’s Daughter with partial strong dowry. This army officer was once from Jaipur. Due in accordance with reasons unknown, fondling did now not action outdoors then his spouse left him after former to by no means appear again once more according to him. This left him heartbroken then committed his situation worse.

He again according to India and worked at ISI Cal, IIT K and TIFR Bombay. He had a hardage at ISI Cal yet was dissatisfied at vile locations also.

Soon after that, He misplaced his mental balance and was once accepted in imitation of Mental Hospital, Kanke, Ranchi. But, Dr Jagannath Mishra received him outdoors regarding Kanke as much that had in accordance with come half sordid person consenting there, into the VIP ward. He did go according to Merutt sanatorium yet after so much she ran away. He suffers beyond Schizonfrania. He has been handled by using NIMHANS Bangalore also however no longer much details are available. His family did not bearsufficient cash after support his cure and Bihar Govt threw him oversea regarding Kanke which taken his condition worst. It seems that she fled beside Merut Mental Hospital thenwas untraceable because deep years until someone beyond his thorp saw him as much a ragpicker within Chapra among mid 90s yet informed his family.

His better friend or others went in accordance with cross test the records then went according to confer him. They were colorful in imitation of consult him breathing however were sad to confer his misery.

The mathematician who challenged works of Great Scientist Albert Einstein needs our attention.
1961: Passed matriculation from Bihar Board
1961: Admitted to the prestigious Science College, Patna
1963: Went to University of California, Berkley to study Mathematics under Prof. John L. Kelley
1963 – 1969: Pursued special MSc in Mathematics.
1969: Got PhD from University of California, Berkley, USA
1969: Joined NASA as an Associate Scientist Professor in Washington DC, USA
1969 – 1972: Remained in NASA
He married in 1971. He has suffered from Schizophrenia. After a few years of marriage he and his wife separated due to his illness
1972: Returned to India
1972: Joined as a Lecturer in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur.
1972 – 1977: Joined as a lecturer in IIT Kanpur, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Bombay and Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata.
1977: shows symptom of Mental illness, Schizophrenia, admitted to the mental hospital at Ranchi, then Bihar, now in Jharkhand.
1977 – 1988:under treatment.
1988- Left home without informing anyone.
1988 – 1992: There was no information about him.
1992-(Feb. Month): He was found in a poor condition in Siwan, Bihar.
At Present-Staying at Home,under treatment.
2013 – Lives in complete anonymity with none to care for him.

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