Self-massage of the feet of all disease s

Our feet have the largest variety of nerve endings, acting on that can no longer only capture the kingdom of health, however additionally to remedy some diseases.
Foot rubdown has an have an impact on on the country of interior organs, strengthens them and helps to enhance the body’s metabolism, preserves youth and splendor of the complete body.

Just on the foot there is a super attention of points, which in the modern-day reflexology relate to the spine. Therefore, the stimulation of the foot location will help relieve lower back pain, will deliver comfort to the general body.
Where are the vital points that are accountable for this or that organ, is proven below:foot-reflexology-chart

How do self-massage of the feet:
1) walk barefoot, stretching the foot: climb the socks, trample, alternately transferring the weight of the physique from the inside edges of the give up on the outer. 2) Take a heat foot bath. 3) Start the massage: rub down the foot fingers of both hands, once in a while fists and knuckles. The method of massage alternates rubbing, damaged touch, stroking, light bumps and tingling. 4) After the rubdown would be appropriate to trample on the massage mat with knobs, bulges and irregularities. It is vital to keep tune of your ft – to put on relaxed shoes, and in some cases, orthopedic, whilst doing a pedicure, etc.

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