That is why for the duration of takeoff and landing be open curtains porthole

Flight Windows

Have you ever asked why the flight attendants asked during takeoff and landing to open the window blinds? When I’m in the cabin, I always wonder why the stewards and stewardesses bypass the passenger’s request. It turns out that for several reasons, but they all have the same goal.
According to safety regulations, during taxiing, take-off and landing windows blinds should be raised. The reason is simple: on these stages have to the greatest number of accidents. Therefore, special attention is paid to safety.

flight window

1. Caring for passengers

You’ve probably noticed that the take-off / landing off the main lighting in the cabin? So, this is done in order to ensure your eyes are accustomed to the natural light. So they will be able to have noticed the accident.

2. Create visibility

Flight attendants and passengers, even assuming that the curtain is raised, can contemplate what is happening behind. This allows time to notify the occurrence of an emergency situation to the crew. For example, see if there is a fire or not. In addition, in the event of an emergency landing through the portholes rescuers will be able to see what happens in the cabin.

3. And the passengers again

Shutters also rise to the passengers do not hurt yourself. When a hard landing plastic curtain can crack and damage the face by shrapnel.

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