Those old men are promoting the house in which they had spent 78 years! customers kissed their toes …

In 1938, Tom and Jean Cheetham moved to Sydney and lived in his first and best home. There they raised their kids and lived until the grandchildren, first rate-grandchildren and super-brilliant grandchildren. when the vintage guys grew to become 103 years and one hundred years respectively, they decided to promote the house and go to stay out his existence in a nursing domestic, as they wanted consistent care.

once in the residence, realtors and customers had been stunned: time appears to have stopped there in 1938, for the reason that then, Tom and Jean did now not change some thing, simplest made cosmetic maintenance. furniture, carpets, home equipment, wall finish – all this stays unchanged. most customers hit the correct order and ideal condition of the residence.

The interior of the old residence

The fact that Jean became very painful and fragile in his young people, so all the family chores took over Tom. Even earlier than leaving domestic for all time, he habitually mowed grass at the garden.Due to its uncommon interior of the house was sold for a appropriate rate – $ 1.5 million. local humans discovered of the sale of spectacular homes, want to peer this magical vicinity wherein time stands still. suitable-natured antique human beings had been happy about this hobby and attention, so do now not allow visit their houses.

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