Why Christopher Columbus is Famous ?

Columbus advance landed among the Bahamas within 1492 crusing regarding side on the Spanish crown of a instant try after find a final course in accordance with Asia. He committed four voyages after the New World together with Antilles, Venezuela yet Central America. He served as much Governor among Hispaniola however was once opposite pushed aside of costs concerning tyranny.

Historical Events among the Life over Christopher Columbus

1492-04-17 Christopher Columbus signs and symptoms provision together with Spain to locate Indies

1492-04-30 Columbus is partial royal fee to appoint his fleet

1492-08-03 Christopher Columbus sets spinnaker on his advance voyage together with three ships, Santa María, Pinta or Niña from Palos de la Frontera, Spain because of the “Indies”

1492-08-12 Christopher Columbus arrives within the Canary Islands about his forward voyage in conformity with the New World

1492-09-06 Columbus’ width leaves Gomera, Canary islands

1492-10-07 Columbus misses Florida now she adjustments course

1492-10-08 Columbus’ width respecting four hundred briny miles out of Puerto Rico

1492-10-12 Christopher Columbus’s ascension makes landfall concerning Caribbean island she names San Salvador (likely Watling Island, Bahamas). The explorer believes she has reached East Asia (OS 21 Oct)

1492-10-14 Columbus leaves San Salvador; arrives in Santa Maria over Concepcion (Bahamas)

1492-10-16 Columbus’ fleet anchors at “Fernandina” (Long Island, Bahamas)

1492-10-19 Columbus web sites “Isabela” (Fortune Island, Bahamas)

1492-10-25 Columbus’ width sites “Zandislands” (Ragged Island Range, Bahamas)

1492-10-25 Christopher Columbus’ flagship the Santa María lands at Dominican Republic

1492-10-26 Columbus’ fleet anchors over Ragged Island Range, Bahamas

1492-10-28 Christopher Columbus discovers Cuba or claims it for Spain

1492-11-05 Christopher Columbus learns regarding maize (corn) from Indians of Cuba

1492-11-15 Christopher Columbus notes 1st recorded mention in conformity with tobacco

1492-11-22 Pinta underneath Martín Alonso Pinzón separates beyond Columbus’s fleet

1492-12-05 Columbus discovers Hispaniola (El Espanola/Haiti)

1492-12-25 Christopher Columbus’ flagship the Santa María runs aground and sinks on Hispaniola

1492-12-26 1st Spanish contract La Navidad (modern Môle-Saint-Nicolas) among the New World is created by way of Columbus

1493-01-09 1st aspect on manatees (by Christopher Columbus)

1493-01-16 Columbus leaves the instant world yet units spinnaker because Spain over his 1st trip

1493-03-15 Christopher Columbus returns in imitation of Spain afterward his forward voyage to the New World

1493-04-15 -20/4 Barcelona] Columbus meets together with King Ferdinand & Isabella

1493-09-24 Columbus’ 2nd expedition in imitation of New World

1493-09-25 Columbus sails together with 17 ships about 2nd voyage in accordance with the Americas

1493-11-03 Christopher Columbus discovers island over Dominica1

493-11-11 Explorer Christopher Columbus discovers Saba

1493-11-19 Christopher Columbus discovers Puerto Rico, on his 2nd voyage

1494-05-05 On 2nd voyage to New World, Christopher Columbus attractions Jamaica

1498-05-30 Columbus departs including 6 ships because 3rd outing in accordance with America1

498-07-31 Christopher Columbus on his third voyage discovers the island regarding Trinidad

1498-08-01 Christopher Columbus lands concerning “Isla Santa” (Venezuela)

1498-08-14 Columbus landed at the consumer over the Orinoco River in such as is now Venezuela

1500-11-25 Governor De Bobadilla on Santo Domingo captures Columbus

1502-05-09 Columbus left Spain of his 4th & final day out in imitation of New World

1502-05-11 Columbus starts offevolved 4th & remaining outing after “Indies”

1502-09-18 Christopher Columbus lands at Costa Rica over his 4th & final voyage

1503-05-10 Columbus discovers Cayman Islands

1504-02-29 Columbus use a lunar planet in conformity with cow hostile Jamaican Indians

1506-05-19 Columbus selects his kiddy Diego namely sheer heir

1792-10-12 captain social gathering of Columbus Day in the USA departed between New York

1949-10-05 WBNS Television duct ten within Columbus, OH (CBS) starts broadcasting

2014-05-13 Christopher Columbus’s flagship, the Santa María, is discovered away the boreal arrowhead over Haiti




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