Why Julius Caesar is famous?


Born on a aristocratic family, Julius Caesar rose through the political or army ranks on Republican Rome in conformity with emerge as Consul between 59BC, setting upmonitoring over Rome by way of constructing the so-called spine Triumvirate along Pompey and Crassus.

Appointed Governor on 4 legions that conquered Gaul considerably extending Rome’s empire. In 49BC Caesar, refusing in accordance with relinquish over his instruct shesurpassed the Rubicon yet ignited non-military war.

Appointed Dictator regarding Rome of 48BC she sterile his opponents earlier than instigating a series regarding reforms, together with the Roman calendar.

He was assassinated of Rome about the Ides regarding March by using a group on conspirators together with Brutus. His demise conveyed without delay in conformity with the cease regarding the Roman Republic then the institution over the Roman Empire under Caesar’s inheritor Augustus.


0052-10-03 BC Vercingetorix, leader of the Gauls, surrenders in imitation of the Romans beneath Julius Caesar, closing the counteraction or war concerning Alesia
0049-01-10 BC Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon, signaling the start of non-military war.
0048-08-09 BC Caesar’s temporal war: Battle regarding Pharsalus – Julius Caesar decisively defeats Pompey at Pharsalus or Pompey flees according to Egypt.
0048-07-10 BC Battle of Dyrrhachium: Julius Caesar only avoids a catastrophic failure after Pompey among Macedonia.
0046-09-26 BC Julius Caesar dedicates a room in conformity with his mythical ancestor Venus Genetrix between accordance together with a resolve that taken at the battleregarding Pharsalus.
0046-04-06 BC Julius Caesar defeats Caecilius Metellus Scipio or Marcus Porcius Cato (Cato the Younger) within the fighting over Thapsus.
0046-01-04 BC Julius Caesar defeats Titus Labienus among the Battle regarding Ruspina
0045-03-17 BC In his last victory, Julius Caesar defeats the Pompeian legion of Titus Labienus or Pompey the Younger among the Battle on Munda.
0044-03-15 BC Julius Caesar is stabbed in imitation of loss of life by using Brutus, Cassius yet a number of lousy Roman senators about the Ides about March into Rome

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